Welcome to Harvest Kids!

What is Harvest Kids?

Harvest Kids is the ministry for children at Harvest Assembly of God. It is designed to bring children into a closer relationship with Jesus Christ through discipleship in God’s Word, the Bible.

The mission of Harvest Kids is to:

  • CONNECT children to Christ through age-appropriate worship
  • Help them GROW with others through discipleship in God’s 66 Books of the Bible
  • Teach them to SERVE the world through ministry and missions

Who can participate in Harvest Kids?

Boys and girls ages 3 yrs through 5th grade.

Important Note: Preschool children must turn three by September 30. Children who turn three between October 1 and April 30 will join the first Sunday in April. School-age children will advance on the first Sunday of September.

For the safety and well-being of preschool children, there must be a parent or legal guardian in attendance during the Sunday morning and Wednesday night programs.

What do kids do at Harvest Kids?

At Harvest Kids, children experience God in fresh and exciting ways that encourage them to live for Him 24/7!  On Sunday mornings, Harvest Kids and Harvest Sprouts meet. On Wednesday night, we have a time of celebration and also learning on our Friends and Family night.

Harvest Kids

The goal of Harvest Kids is to introduce kids to the love of Jesus Christ, and to disciple believers into a deeper relationship and understanding of God’s Word.

Children from 1st through the 5th grade come to Harvest Kids on Sunday mornings. Service begins with energetic, current, media-driven praise and worship, led by our children’s worship team. Afterward, they learn more about God’s Word through video lessons, teaching, games and activities.

Harvest Sprouts

The goal of Harvest Sprouts is to introduce preschool and kindergarten children to the love of Jesus Christ and prepare them for a life-long relationship with Him.

Following worship on Sunday morning with Harvest Kids, preschool and kindergarten age children go to a separate class, where they are introduced to Jesus and the Bible through video lessons, stories, games, songs, crafts and snacks.

Friends and Family Night

On Wednesday nights, the church celebrates Friends and Family night. Our kids have their own time of fellowship, worship, and learning as a group. Every week can vary in terms of activities, but they always center around learning more about God.

Other Activities

Children are encouraged to participate in church activities such as Vacation Bible Experience (VBX), Easter Egg Hunt, Christmas Party, Back-to-School and End-of-School-Year Celebrations. Check the church calendar frequently for upcoming events.

Is there a cost to attend Harvest Kids?

There are no fees for Harvest Kids.  Some activities may have a cost, but parents will be notified prior to the activity.

Security of our kids

One of the things we take very seriously is child safety. In order to assist our leaders with making sure your child gets to the right class and that they get back to you at the end of service, we utilize check-in services provided by Planning Center Online. A kiosk with a computer is available at the children’s church entrance where you can check in your children for service. Your child will receive a nametag with a security code that will match the tag that parents are given. We can sign you up at the door, but if you’d like to register your child ahead of time to speed up the process, click on https://harvestag.churchcenter.com/people/forms/481237